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Main Features

Compliance Manager is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) application that allows you to manage


Add, update, archive and manage your Policies, Procedures, Forms and Templates.


Manage your projects and records allowing team members to share project information.


Manage tasks, audits, non-conformances, corrective actions, and complaints.


Reports on Audit Results, Root Cause Analysis, Alerts, Training and Supplier Performance.


Manage incident reporting, investigation and resolution.


Manage employee records, training logs and appraisals.


Manage supplier records and performance evaluations.


Manage e mail alerts to improve timely close out of corrective actions.

Free Trial

Sign up for a free 30 day trial and you will be able to add documents, tasks, audit findings, training records and supplier information. A set of sample procedures is included to get you started. A full library of additional policies and procedures is available on request.

The trial period is totally free of any obligations. We do not take any payment details from you until you are ready to subscribe.

There is no catch. We simply believe that if you are given the opportunity to use Compliance Manager then you will want to subscribe at the end of your trial.

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At a set monthly fee this offer will save time, money and effort on the way to successful certification.

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Information Security

It is virtually impossible to stop a determined and knowledgeable individual from intercepting data that is transferred between yourself and a server on the internet. However, it is possible to encrypt that data in such a way that it is unreadable to anyone or any machine apart from your computer and the server itself.

We use the same encryption techniques used by all major internet banking facilities and online e-commerce transactions. You will see a small padlock icon appear on your browser when you register or login to your Compliance Manager account. This means that the data being transferred is encrypted using a SHA256 bit encryption key. This encrypting method is referred to as TLS (Transport Layer Security) and is currently the industry standard for encrypting transactional information on the internet.

Security of data in storage

The servers that power Compliance Manager are highly secure and are protected by an advanced firewall. The firewall and the servers are monitored 24 hours a day for any suspicious activity. So you can rest assured that even whilst you sleep your data is being actively protected.

The only area of security for which we don’t have control of is your own computer. It is important that you install a virus scanner and ensure that you keep it updated.